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Mine Shafted is an infinitely procedurally/randomly generated game. Every time you run it, the walls, coins, enemies, and power-ups will be randomly placed and generated. You can play indefinitely to get higher and higher scores! Just beware, as the game speeds up the further you get! Beat your high score!

Use an innovative touch control system. Place your finger anywhere on the screen and slide it around to move the main character, Wren. This way you can see where he is and what obstacles he needs to dodge or where coins he needs to collect are next!

*Mine Shafted is rated for Everyone!
--Easy mode is implemented for children or people that just want to relax and collect coins without dodging enemies or tough tunnel passages.
--Normal mode will test your finger-slides as you dodge increasingly complex tunnel walls, bats, fog triggers, and random rock outcroppings!

*Future improvements include:
---High score leader-boards among friends and globally/regionally.
---Achievements to collect.

Install instructions

Works on virtually all Android devices and Kindle Fire devices. May need to change settings in the security section to "Allow Installation from Unknown Sources" in order to install the game on your device.

Privacy Policy!
Plasma Beef will NEVER collect any info from your phone other than what is needed to access the internet and display ads. All reading/writing to internal and external storage is for storing game information ONLY.


MineShaftedTrunk-release_v1_0.apk 12 MB

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